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Engineering Projects
  • Starts From 200/- Per Hour
  • Requirement Analysis & Gathering
  • Project Flow Chart
  • Modules Creation
  • Implementation
  • Results Generation
  • Performance Analysis and Comparison

Masters Projects
  • Starts From 300/- Per Hour
  • Requirement Analysis & Gathering
  • Data collection and Data model setup
  • Experimental Setup
  • Algorithm Implementation
  • Results Generation
  • Results Analysis and Comparison

PhD Projects
  • Starts From 300/- Per Hour
  • Requirement Analysis & Gathering
  • Data collection and Data model setup
  • Prototype creation
  • Simulation Model Creation
  • Algorithm Implementation
  • Experimental Evolution
  • Performance Analysis and Comparison
  • Results Generation for different Scenarios

Research Project

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a simulation model of transferring human intelligence in machine to simplify the human solutions

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an on-demand computing model to automate the computation with elastic nature

Big Data

Bigdata refers large volume of structure and unstructured data models, computes day-to-day business activities

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a digital security system which prevents the data, networks and systems against digital attacks


Cryptography is a model of protecting a information against various data attacks which hides the data by converting a data into the unintelligible text

Image Processing

Image processing performs various image operations to transfer image into analysis format for deriving a graphical solutions

Data Mining

Data mining is a process of converting a raw data into the useful data by performing various data mining operations

Deep Learning

Deep learning can be applied to the NLP, computer vision, speech reorganization by learning the supervised, semi-supervise and unsupervised data

Custom Coding Services

LearnInbox Present you customized package calculator to simply your coding needs

Source Code

card image


NS2 is an open source network simulator, embedded with TCL and gcc platforms


Simulate a multi-model networks such as WSN,MANET,VANET and Wired network

card image


NS3 is a free and open source simulator bundled with various communication models


Designed to assist CRN, LTE, MIMO, WPAN, and other wireless network models

card image


OMNET++ is a compound and event base simulator for academicand research purpose


OMNET++ open source network platform with SDN network libraries and protocols

card image


OPNET is a powerful simulation tool with various predefined software and models.


OPNET is a powerful simulation tool with various predefined software and models.

card image


Cloudsim is a cloud based framework to simulate cloud performance experiments


Cloudsim is a cloud based framework to simulate cloud performance experiments

card image


Fogsim is a modular simulator for interconnected networks to organize distributed network services


Computing the extensive performance of cloud to the edge network

card image


MATLAB is a multi-paradigm programming modeler with numerical computational tool


Derives an efficient solutions for image processing, signal processing, and data mining models

card image


Python is a open source programming language with predefine libraries


Design and develop numerous web and programming solutions and supports multiple programming paradigms

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