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Course Syllabus

Learn Basics Of AI And ML & Gain Core Conceptual Training In Processing, Logical Planning & Information Retrieval.
Practical Module Implementation Based On Linear Regression, Advanced Regression, etc

  • Deep Learning: A revolution in Artificial Intelligence Limitations of Machine Learning
  • -
  • Foundations for AI
  • -
  • Convolution Neural Networks
  • -
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • -
  • Deep Learning
  • -
  • Need for Data Scientists
  • -
  • Foundation of Data Science
  • -
  • What is Business Intelligence
  • -
  • What is Data Analysis
  • -
  • What is Data Mining
  • -
  • Foundations for ML
  • -
  • Clustering
  • -
  • Classification
  • -
  • Value Chain
  • -
  • Types of Analytics
  • -
  • Lifecycle Probability
  • -
  • Analytics Project Lifecycle
  • -
  • Advantage of Deep Learning over Machine learning
  • -
  • Reasons for Deep Learning
  • -
  • Real-Life use cases of Deep Learning
  • -
  • Review of Machine Learning
  • -
  • Basis of Data Categorization
  • -
  • Types of Data
  • -
  • Data Collection Types
  • -
  • Forms of Data & Sources
  • -
  • Data Quality & Changes
  • -
  • Data Quality Issues
  • -
  • Data Quality Story
  • -
  • What is Data Architecture
  • -
  • Components of Data Architecture
  • -
  • OLTP vs OLAP
  • -
  • How is Data Stored?
  • -
  • What is Big Data?
  • -
  • 5 Vs of Big Data
  • -
  • Big Data Architecture
  • -
  • Big Data Technologies
  • -
  • Big Data Challenge
  • -
  • Big Data Requirements
  • -
  • Big Data Distributed Computing & Complexity
  • -
  • Hadoop
  • -
  • Map Reduce Framework
  • -
  • Hadoop Ecosystem
  • -
  • What Data Science is
  • -
  • Why Data Scientists are in demand
  • -
  • What is a Data Product
  • -
  • The growing need for Data Science
  • -
  • Large Scale Analysis Cost vs Storage
  • -
  • Data Science Skills
  • -
  • Data Science Use Cases
  • -
  • Data Science Project Life Cycle & Stages
  • -
  • Data Acuqisition
  • -
  • Where to source data
  • -
  • Techniques
  • -
  • Evaluating input data
  • -
  • Data formats
  • -
  • Data Quantity
  • -
  • Data Quality
  • -
  • Resolution Techniques
  • -
  • Data Transformation
  • -
  • File format Conversions
  • -
  • Annonymization
  • -
  • Introduction
  • -
  • Clustering
  • -
  • Implementing Association rule mining
  • -
  • Decision Tree Classifier
  • -
  • Random Forest Classifier
  • -
  • Naive Bayes Classifier
  • -
  • Problem Statement and Analysis
  • -
  • Linear Regression
  • -
  • Logistic Regression
  • -
  • Support Vector Machines
  • -
  • Time Series Analysis
  • -
  • Machine Learning Project
  • -
  • Feature Selection and Pre-processing
  • -
  • Which Algorithms perform best
  • -
  • Model selection cross validation score
  • -
  • Text Mining& NLP
  • -
  • PySpark and MLLib
  • -
  • Deep Learning & AI
  • -
  • Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks
  • -
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • -
  • What are RNNs – Introduction to RNNs
  • -
  • Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) and Autoencoders
  • -
  • Tensorflow with Python.
  • -


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Frequently Asked Questions

AI is a computer program that does something good. It can be a pile of if-then statements or a posh statistical model. Machine learning, is a subset of AI. That is, all machine learning counts as AI, however not all AI counts as machine learning.

Future of AI and ML is very, very bright and expedient. Many companies hire Data Scientists and Machine Learning experts to explore their data and analyze patterns and find out different ways to increase their profit. This industry is only going to become more important in the near future.  

ML uses data to automatically create algorithms to resolve tasks. This can be done using a bunch of math techniques. AI uses ML to resolve AI tasks like computer vision and speech recognition. But ML is more general than AI because it is also wont to solve other non-AI tasks such as say, business data analysis.

You should learn initial machine learning before AI because machine learning is a subpart of AI. If you get to know about the algorithms of machine learning you can perform better in AI because basic algorithms of machine learning will help us to understand the working of models and their outcomes.  

The relationship among them is simply that deep learning could be a subset of machine learning, That happens to be a subset of the sphere of AI .  

E-learning is anywhere learning! Its pocket friendly and saves time and it saves the money spent on printed material and classroom supplies. .

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Yes. You can Get Star Certification from Top Industry Experts. Upon completion of the course, participants can download a certificate of completion from the course platform.