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Automated Surgeries

Automated Surgeries allows doctors to perform many types of complex procedures with more precision, flexibility and control that is possible with conventional techniques. Automated surgery is usually associated with minimally invasive surgery

Key Features
Data Analysis
Prediction and suggestive model features
Skills You will Learn
Device Connectivity
Image Scaning
Data transmission and analysis
Secured Network

This project explains how important is ML for the Defence of cybersecurity, how ML can help Cybersecurity teams to prevent threats and real time analysis in responding to active threats detection.

Key Features
To build robust
secure and efficient systems
How to collect Quality data from every source
Skills You will Learn
Cybersecurity concepts
AI & Machine Learning concepts
Automated manufacturing systems Reconfiguration

Reconfigurable manufacturing system is increases the responsiveness of systems, boosting productivity and lifetime, maintaining product in precision in an RMS and how to enable technologies that would allow for automatic integration and diagnostic abilities of the machine.

Key Features
Machine Learning concepts for RMS configuration
How to enable technologies for automatic integration
Skills You will Learn
Advanced machine learning Concepts
RMS concepts
Tech used for reconfiguration of automated machines.
True hand script detector

Now its easy to verify the scanned copy of script is hand written or not. This system can identify the handwriting drawn by humans.

Key Features
Optical character recognition transcription of handwritten documents into digital documents
More advanced intelligent character recognition systems
Skills You will Learn
Data exploration
Exploratory Visualization
ML Algorithms and Techniques
Data Preprocessing
Model Evaluation and Validation