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Batch Date: Mon,01-02-2021

Cybersecurity Courses - Live
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Analyze Privacy issues
Learn threat and vulnerabilities
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Duration : 90 Days +
Project Development(60Days)

Course Overview

An introduction to cybersecurity trailhead and business technology

Master all cybersecurity techniques & applications from industry experts.

  • Knowledge of Operating systems

  • Networks and Internet

About Course
  • Detailed brief on cybersecurity tools and processes

  • Learn types of cyberattacks and networking basics

  • Work with 50+ real-world examples.

  • Explore trending techniques on new threats.

  • Interactive doubt sessions and revision assessments.

What will you Learn ?
  • A comprehensive overview of cybersecurity principles, design challenges, developing a security program.

  • Learn to manage information security and carry out disaster recovery testing.

  • Capture security perspective in different professional fields.

  • Learn about cryptography and digital forensics.

  • View the syllabus section for more.

Certification Benefit

Get star certification from top industry experts.

35 % got new jobs around the globe.

Enhance professional reach with global certification.

Boost in regular pay at work .

Certified recognition on a national forum


  • What is Cyber security and Why to lean Cyber security
  • Cyber Security Carrier path
  • How to become a Cyber security Engineer
  • Cyber Security Certifications
  • What is SOC and a Day of SOC analyst
  • Network communications
  • -Learn about membership association focussed on creating a secure cyber world.
  • Ip Address
  • -Learn about the key data points and leverage IP addresses for advanced detection.
  • ISP
  • -Learn how ISPs protect their infrastructure and offer optional security services
  • NAT
  • -Learn how NAT improves security and privacy.
  • DNSs
  • -Learn the use of DNS in threat investigation.
  • SPF records
  • -Learn how SPF can help prevent domain spoofing.
  • Switch, subnet, router, firewall
  • -Understand basic security concepts and controls of networks.
  • OSI Model
  • -Learn in-depth about the 7-layered OSI security model.
  • ACL
  • -Learn in detail about the most important fundamental component of security.
  • WAF (Web application firewall)
  • -Understand the application security measure with WAF.
  • Email gateway OR email Security
  • -Learn how to prevent targeted email-borne attacks using email gateway.
  • Proxy
  • -Learn how modern proxy servers handle network and privacy concerns.
  • AD authentication
  • -Learn all about AD and advanced authentication.
  • Antivirus (OR) End point security
  • -Understand security endpoints and point of access.
  • -Learn about how IPS/IDS examine network traffic and resolve an attack.
  • VPN
  • -Learn how VPN servees establish secure and encrypted connections.
  • DMZ
  • -Learn about DMZ and it functions in security networks.
  • -Introduction to the basics of TCP/UDP security basics.
  • DHCP
  • -Learn how DHCP provides quick and centralised management of IP addresses.
  • DNS poisoning
  • -Learn in-depth about DNS spoofing and trigger attacks.
  • Dos and DDOS
  • -Learn how DoS and DDOS attacks target network with multiple packets.
  • Phishing attack
  • -Learn to identify and protect systems from a Phishing attack.
  • Social Engineering
  • -Learn social engineering definition, attack techniques and prevention.
  • Threat, vulnerability and risk
  • -Learn about the major factors in cybersecurity and their differences.
  • Spoofing,Hijacking, 0-day attack
  • -Have an in-depth look at the types of cyberattacks and their common differences
  • MITM
  • SQL injection attack
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) attack.
  • Malware attack
  • -Learn about the common types of cyberattacks and best practices.
  • 3 - way handshakes
  • -Learn about the TCP 3-way handshake process and establishment.
  • Brute-Force Attacks
  • -Learn about brute-force attack, common tools and attack prevention.
  • Threat hunting knowledge
  • -Learn about the cyber threat hunting process through network, endpoints and datasets.
  • TCP log view in wire shark
  • -Learn about the powerful Wireshark and how to use it
  • Encryption and types
  • -Learn the different types of effective data encryption techniques.
  • Windows and Linux
  • -Learn in detail about Windows and Linux operating systems and their vulnerabilities.
  • Windows Password/Windows Authentication
  • -Learn identification and understanding of Windows Security permit
  • CIA triangle
  • -Explore CIA policies and problem identification in security.
  • TCP log view in wire shark
  • Encryption and types
  • Qradar,Splunk - SIEM tool
  • -Learn about the top SIEM solutions and comparisons.
  • McAfee,symantec (DLP, AV, ePO)
  • -Learn intelligent security protection with McAfee and Symantec.
  • Bluecoat Proxy
  • -Learn about blue coat security platform and advanced proxy gateway.
  • Sandbox (ThreatGrid, Hybrid analysis and VirusTotal)
  • -Explore sandboxing practice in the computer security process.
  • Cisco IPS
  • -Learn about network security using specialist Cisco IPS.
  • Symantec, MacAfee, TrendMicro (Endpoint Security Tool)
  • -Learn in detail about different endpoint security tools and their solutions.
  • Qualys Guard, Nexpose - vulnerability tool
  • -Gain familiarity with vulnerability management tools.
  • AWS
  • -Monitor and respond to security threats with AWS.
  • Service now /Resilient (Ticketing tool)
  • -Learn about security operations and monitoring tools.
  • Alert mechanism and reporting overview
  • -Find out about security monitoring and reporting best practices.
  • Identifying alerts and responding on the same
  • -Learn how to identify and respond to cybersecurity incidents at an early stage.
  • Using QRADAR for quick alert Investigation techniques
  • -Get started with QRADAR and learn its unique techniques.
  • Using Active channels and logger queries as part of investigation
  • -Get detailed insight into Cyber Security investigation on emerging threats.
  • Using reports and dashboards in QRADAR for trend analysis
  • -Learn using the dashboard in QRADAR to investigate network activity.
  • Correlating multiple device logs for decision making on triggered alerts
  • -Understand the approach for the correlation of security events.
  • Sample Investigation on couple of triggered alerts
  • -Learn about cybersecurity incident management.

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