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Course Syllabus

Learn all the fundamentals of Docker as docker is the most popular and widely used tool of DevOps.
With help of containers learn to create, develop and deploy applications easily. Topics - Docker Hub, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Dockerfile, Docker Containers, Docker Engine, Docker Images, Docker Network, Docker Daemon, and Docker Storage and much more only in one course.

  • Introducing Docker
  • -
  • Comparing VM and Docker
  • -
  • Docker –An Architectural overview
  • -
  • The Docker Hub A brief Introduction
  • -
  • Preparing docker-machine – Installation and configuration
  • -
  • Start containerizing
  • -
  • Play with docker images
  • -
  • Customizing container on your own
  • -
  • Running Container with Docker – commands
  • -
  • Port forwarding with docker container
  • -
  • Exercise: Installation of docker and Image Setup
  • -
  • Exercise: Creating own Images
  • -
  • Exercise: Exposing Container Ports to the Host and test it
  • -
  • Dockerfile Directives
  • -
  • USER and RUN
  • -
  • RUN Order of Execution
  • -
  • ENV
  • -
  • CMD vs. RUN
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Docker Container Volume Management – An introduction
  • -
  • Docker Networking concepts
  • -
  • List and Inspect
  • -
  • Create and Remove
  • -
  • Assign to Containers
  • -
  • Exercise: Creating a Custom Image from a Dockerfile
  • -
  • Exercise: Managing Containers
  • -
  • Exercise: Adding External Content to Containers
  • -
  • Inspect Container Processes
  • -
  • Previous Container Management
  • -
  • Controlling Port Exposure on Containers
  • -
  • Naming Our Containers
  • -
  • Docker Events
  • -
  • Managing and Removing Base Images
  • -
  • Saving and Loading Docker Images
  • -
  • Image History
  • -
  • Taking Control of Our Tags
  • -
  • Pushing to Docker Hub
  • -
  • Exercise: Base Image Maintenance and Cleanup
  • -
  • Exercise: Advanced Container Creation at the Command LineExercise: Advanced Container Creation at the Command Line
  • -
  • Exercise: Create a Dockerized Basic Web Server
  • -
  • Continuous Integration for Docker
  • -
  • Networking Overview
  • -
  • The Default Network
  • -
  • Isolating Containers
  • -
  • Aliases & Container Names
  • -
  • Links
  • -
  • How Updates Affect Networking
  • -
  • Using External Networks
  • -
  • Configuring Compose
  • -
  • Bringing an Environment Up
  • -
  • Changing a Running Environment
  • -
  • Introspecting On An Environment
  • -
  • Taking an Environment Down
  • -
  • Swarm Intro and Creating a 3-Node Swarm Cluster
  • -
  • Swarm Mode A Built-In Orchestration
  • -
  • Creating Your First Service and Scale It Locally
  • -
  • Creating a 3-Node Swarm Cluster
  • -
  • Swarm Basic Features and How to Use Them In Your Workflow
  • -
  • Scaling Out with Overlay Networking
  • -
  • Create A Multi-Service Multi-Node Web App
  • -
  • Service Placement Preference
  • -
  • Node Availability
  • -


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Frequently Asked Questions

Docker changed the IT business with the presentation of its Convenient Lightweight Holder Motor. Over 30% of the associations in the IT business have effectively embraced Docker, and the reception rate is expanding by 40% consistently. Docker has practically without any assistance disposed of the requirement for anyone to say "It chipped away at my machine!" by offering equality across conditions. On the off chance that it works Being developed, it will work Underway also. The straightforwardness by which Docker conveys and oversees containerized applications is unmatched. Taking into account that more than 80% of the containerized business utilizes Docker as their fundamental compartment stage, it ought to be sufficient for anybody to delve their hands in this innovation.

You can run both Linux and Windows programs and executables in Docker holders. The Docker stage runs locally on Linux (on x86-64, ARM and numerous other computer chip structures) and on Windows (x86-64).  

Professionals, Software Developers, Site reliability engineers, Technical leads, Principal software engineers, And also individuals who wants to establish their credibility and value in the market

Probably the biggest worker ranches on the planet today depend on compartments. Enormous web arrangements like Google and Twitter, and stage suppliers, for example, Heroku run on holder innovation, at a size of many thousands or even large number of compartments.  

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