Develop and Design Games from Basic
and end with Advance

Design Customised games in real-time

Learn at your own pace and become an expert gamer

Batch Date: Thu,25-03-2021

Game devlopment basic to adavance
Explore global video gaming possibilities
Analyze tools, concepts and testing
Implement it in app store
Game development Certification
Design,Develop and Release Games
Duration : 30hrs

Course Overview

Learn to develop a game concept, test and implement the design Work with top rated Professionals

Master all new tools in real time with game development softwares.

  • Knowledge of programming languages

  • API and networking

About Course
  • Introduction to game development tools and design games

  • Learn the design concept with prototyping and testing

  • Work with 50+ real-world examples.

  • Explore trending techniques with industry availability.

  • Schedule interactive doubt sessions.

What will you Learn ?
  • A comprehensive overview of game development principles,design game strategies and market exposure.

  • Differences between 2D and 3D approaches.

  • Capture design tools and game production plans.

  • Learn about dynamic landscape.

  • View the syllabus section for more.

Certification Benefit

Get star certification from top industry experts.

35 % got new jobs around the globe.

Enhance professional reach with global certification.

Boost in regular pay at work .

Certified recognition on a national forum


  • Understanding Game Development
  • -Brief view of Game development perspective
  • Introduction to unity framework
  • Objects in unity , how to apply physics to objects
  • Introduction to important Classes of physics
  • Setting up the game environment with the main character
  • Working with Terrains
  • Working with Polybrush
  • Working with Unity Pro Builder
  • Introduction to Scripting in unity
  • Building Blocks for Unity Scripts
  • variables and methods
  • Common Data Type
  • Decision Making
  • Finding and interacting with other Game Objects
  • Load from Asset
  • GetComponent <>()
  • Input
  • Prefab
  • Coroutines
  • Particle Effects
  • Introduction to camera handling in unity
  • Camera movement scripts
  • Layer handling
  • Introduction to Collision detection ,materials ,Textures
  • Prefab use and its instantiation.
  • Introduction to sound implementation and timer
  • Introduction to Profiler

Take survey and get upto
4000 Points


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Our Instructor

Ashokkumar Manisekaran

Game Developement Instructor

Praya Labs

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Key Benefits

  • Premium quality training
  • Real time analysis and implementation
  • Top rated Industry experts
  • 50+ examples

High Spot

  • Highly professional training.
  • Pocket friendly fees
  • Career Charger
  • Weekly Performance meter

Special Effects

  • Trending working techniques and Tools
  • 24*7 support With Customization.
  • Practical style teaching.
  • Star Certification.

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