Looking Ahead to 2021

Learn Most Trending Technology Of 2021 IOT The Trend Setter, Turn Technology For NextGen

Robot as a FireFigher

This firefighting robotic system is powered by Arduino development board it consists of the ultra-sonic sensor for obstacles detection and free path navigation. It is also equipped with the fire flame sensor for detecting and approaching fire it also makes use of water tank and spray mechanism

Key Features
Automatically sense the fire and start water pump
Learn how to build a robot using Arduino
Skills You will Learn
Advance robotics technologies
building robots
Home Automation Systems

For this system we use an AVR family microcontroller. This microcontroller is interfaced with a wifi modem to get user commands over the internet. Thus this system allows for efficient home automation over the internet.

Key Features
Microcontroller interfaced with a wifi modem
Efficient home automation Technologies
Skills You will Learn
AVR family microcontroller
Relays learning and AI concepts
MC Programming Language: C
Automotive cycle/toy for kids

We know the automotive IoT based cars but using IoT components like sensors, microcontrollers now its possible to create electric cycle or toys for kids. This interesting automotive factor make kids happy.

Key Features
Real-time traffic alerts
Roadside assistance
Chargers built-in Wi-Fi and security cameras
Skills You will Learn
IoT-related technologies
Emerging Smart devices