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Acquire Core knowledge of IOT with model & project making. Path which leads you to Certified IOT Expert.

  • What is IoT?
  • -
  • How IoT is applied in different domains?
  • -
  • Use cases ranging from Smart Cities to IoT
  • -
  • How large is the IoT Market in different domains?
  • -
  • Technologies that led to evolution of IOT
  • -
  • IOT and SCADA
  • -
  • IOT and M2M
  • -
  • IOT and Big Data
  • -
  • Requirement of international standard
  • -
  • IOT standards in practice
  • -
  • Operating platforms /systems
  • -
  • IoT Technology stack
  • -
  • Sensors & Actuators
  • -
  • Hardware Platforms
  • -
  • Wireless Communication Protocols
  • -
  • Network communication Protocols
  • -
  • Cloud, its components and IoT
  • -
  • Data Streaming in IoT
  • -
  • Data Store and IoT
  • -
  • Analytics & Visualization for IoT
  • -
  • What is Sensor & Actuator?
  • -
  • What is a good sensor?
  • -
  • Sensor properties and their classification
  • -
  • Types of Sensors & Actuators
  • -
  • Working of typical Sensors and Actuators
  • -
  • Categories of sensors Commercial/Industrial/Military/Medical/Food grade sensors
  • -
  • Selecting a sensor for your use case
  • -
  • IoT Hardware Platform & comparison
  • -
  • Criteria for selecting Hardware platform
  • -
  • The Raspberry Pi and Arduino Open Source Microcontroller Platform
  • -
  • Schematics, PCB Design Tools and prototype steps
  • -
  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino Board Layout & Architecture
  • -
  • Why Raspberry Pi and Arduino?
  • -
  • How to program Arduino with Arduino IDE
  • -
  • How to make your Arduino respond to sensors and actuators
  • -
  • Reading data from analog/Digital Sensors
  • -
  • Writing data to analog (PWM)/Digital actuators
  • -
  • Connecting sensors to Arduino to read data from sensor and display on serial monitor (Temperature, Humidity, Distance, Light, Moisture, Gas (Methane/Alcohol), Proximity, Motion).
  • -
  • Connecting actuator to Arduino and controlling Actuator (LED, Relay, Push button, Buzzer) Controlling a motor (actuator) by sensing Temperature
  • -
  • Controlling a buzzer using Ultrasonic ranger
  • -
  • PIR (Human presence) (Combining sensors to avoid false alarms)
  • -
  • Controlling sprinklers using relay by sensing moisture in the soil using moisture sensor
  • -
  • Working with Raspberry Pi 3 Model.
  • -
  • Installing OS and Designing Systems using Raspberry pi
  • -
  • Configuring Raspberry Pi for VNC Connection
  • -
  • Getting introduced to Linux OS
  • -
  • Basic Linux commands and uses
  • -
  • Getting Started with Python
  • -
  • Variables, Functions and control Structure
  • -
  • File Handling in Python & Importing or Exporting Data
  • -
  • Interface sensor and Actuator with Raspberry Pi
  • -
  • Design of IOT systems.
  • -
  • Development of prototypes
  • -
  • IOT in everyday life.
  • -
  • Internet of Everything
  • -
  • IOT and Individual Privacy
  • -
  • Lighting as a service.
  • -
  • Intelligent Traffic systems
  • -
  • Smart Parking
  • -
  • Smart water management
  • -
  • IOT and Aadhaar.
  • -
  • IOT for health services
  • -
  • IOT for financial inclusion
  • -
  • IOT for rural empowerment
  • -
  • Big Data Management .
  • -
  • Connectivity challenges
  • -
  • Mission critical applications
  • -
  • IoT Wireless Protocols
  • -
  • IoT Communication Channels
  • -
  • IoT Network Protocols
  • -
  • Comparison of the Network protocols
  • -
  • Introduction to IPv4 and IPv6
  • -
  • TCP/UDP Transport layer Protocol
  • -
  • HTTP Application layer IOT Protocol
  • -
  • MQTT IOT Protocol
  • -
  • CoAP IOT Protocol
  • -
  • IoT Cloud Platform(Ubidot)
  • -
  • Cloud Computing.
  • -
  • BigData
  • -
  • AWS IoT Setup for Application Development
  • -
  • Preparing the RaspberryPi to connect to AWS IoT
  • -
  • Connecting to AWS IoT
  • -
  • Send Data from raspberry Pi to AWS IoT
  • -
  • Dynamo DB
  • -
  • SNS
  • -


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Internet of Things, for short is made up of devices that connect with the web and share knowledge with one another. IoT devices include not only computers, laptops and smart phones, but also objects that are equipped with chips to collect and communicate data over a network.

Yes, as an application interface that's a part of the IoT ecosystem, Alexa can be used to report or command IoT actions. 

Not exactly, basically it is related to chip modules, networking, wireless communication and coding, it is a broad field without any limits. In coming years it'll be in huge demand.

Anyone can learn IoT. IoT has several areas in its value chain. You need to make a decision which path you would like to require - developer, Architect, Data analyst etc. Anyone with basic knowledge of computer and network will learn IoT.  

Yes, in the present Era, every single entity being connected with Internet. For applications in almost every possible field, IOT is that the absolute best future prediction. So, IOT may be a best think to learn and its branch independent. 

E-learning is anywhere learning! Its pocket friendly and saves time and it saves the money spent on printed material and classroom supplies. .

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Yes. To learn any subject, it’s important to unravel progressively challenging problems on your own, so there'll be various homework assignments embedded in each course.

Yes. You can Get Star Certification from Top Industry Experts. Upon completion of the course, participants can download a certificate of completion from the course platform.