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Course Syllabus

Learn to Apply salesforce practices in real time with various Salesforce techniques. Attend regular doubt sessions and performance based assessments.
Complete course of salesforce starts with basic concepts for the beginners and end with advanced salesforce applications i.e. Salesforce cloud services.

  • Introduction of CRM and Force.com platform
  • -CRM actively tracks and manages customer information. Force.com simplifies development and deployment of cloud applications.
  • Creating Developer account & App
  • -Salesforce account and creation of applications through force.com Explore multiple features and techniques
  • Objects (Standard & Custom)
  • -Database tables used to store data specific to an organisation Standard objects include information about users, reports etc
  • Relationships in Salesforce
  • -A two-way association between objects. Creation of a relationship link is to view records and related data.
  • Formulas Fields
  • -A read-only field that derives value from the formula or expression defined. Formula field is updated when the source field changes.
  • Import Wizard
  • -Import data from standard salesforce objects like contacts, accounts etc. Import data from custom objects also possible. Up to 50,000 records can be imported at a time.
  • Data Loader
  • -A client application used to import or export data in bulk. Used to insert, update, delete or export records.
  • Security & Sharing
  • -Control of data access at many levels. Security and selective tools give selective access to users.
  • Workflows
  • -A basic logic engine that automates certain actions when required.
  • Exercise 1: Creating a hotel reservation system using Custom objects.
  • Exercise 2: Relating Objects according to the general reservation system
  • Exercise 3: Insert Records using Import Wizard
  • Exercise 4: Update Records using Data Loader
  • Apex Basics
  • -Apex is used to add business logic and manipulate data according to requirement.
  • Collections (List, Set & Map)
  • -Collections can store multiple items or records and can allow duplicates.
  • Visualforce pages
  • -These webpages are created using unique tag-based markup language similar to HTML. Includes powerful features to access, display and update data.
  • Apex Classes
  • -Apex classes are models or plans through which objects are generated.
  • Triggers in salesforce
  • -A trigger is an apex script, performs custom actions before or after events to be recorded. Executes before or after data manipulation language
  • Exercise 5: Creating star pattern using Apex language
  • Exercise 6: Create a set which doesn’t accepting duplicate values
  • Exercise 7: Create a VF page for Customers of Passport department
  • Exercise 8: Create a VF page to show render and re-render operations
  • Exercise 9: If Account rating is 'Hot', then make 'Type' as mandatory
  • Exercise 10: If an account is created then it should create a contact under account with Account Name.
  • Introduction to Lightning,
  • -A component-based framework for app development.
  • Domain management
  • -Helps to configure, manage, rename, update domains and custom URLs.
  • Interfaces in Lightning
  • -Develop apps with responsive building blocks called interfaces
  • Lightning Component Bundle
  • -Creation of components for navigation of elements in lightning experience. The bundle contains resources related to all components.
  • Attributes and Expressions
  • - Attributes are several data types present in the component and Expressions allow accessing attributes.
  • Calling Apex methods from Lightning Components
  • -Lightning web components can import methods from apex classes to javascript classes.
  • Force Components
  • -Perform access, modification and creation of record using Lightning data service.
  • Lightning Data Service
  • -This is used to load, create, edit or delete a record in the component without using apex code.
  • Application and Component Events
  • -Learn the differentiation between 2 events that are used to handle components using different methods.
  • Exercise 11: Create a lightning component to display a message in Home page.
  • Exercise 12: Create a lightning component to show how to call apex from the client side.
  • Exercise 13: Create a lightning component to get the list of contacts associated with an account.
  • Exercise 14: Create a chat box using Event in lightning
  • Exercise 15: Create a lightning component for creation of a new Opportunity considering the required fields
  • Leave Management System.(Salesforce Admin )
  • Mid-Course Assignment - Hospital Management System.(Salesforce Admin )
  • SFDC Mid-Course Sub Assignment - Student Management System.(Salesforce Admin )
  • Develop Filtered Contacts App.(Salesforce Lightning )
  • Develop a chat bot using Lightning components.(Salesforce Lightning )


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Salesforce is that the world’s leading cloud-based CRM software that helps your business grow into a additional efficient, effective and economical organisation across all bases.

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Yes, you'll learn Salesforce from scratch and can become a Salesforce Developer. Though Salesforce is extensive, it's not difficult to find out. If you set your mind and head into learning the Salesforce CRM and at an equivalent time take up any Salesforce Training course, you'll be ready to master Salesforce within weeks.

Future of Salesforce are going to be bright and keen, it'll still grow further and reaches new heights. Learn salesforce CRM administration, development and lightning to urge employment with good salary.  

Career of a salesforce developer looks extremely promising as Salesforce is that the no 1 CRM within the world immediately. Many companies are adopting salesforce because it makes the life easier. As companies are adopting it there'll always be huge demands for admins and developer because it is for any IT fields.  

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