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Batch Date: Fri,11-12-2020

Salesforce Beginner Courses - Live
Learn Salesforce tutorial : basics to advanced
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Learn Salesforce techniques and applications
Work with Business technology tools & Salesforce CRM
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Duration : 50 Days

Course Overview

An introduction to salesforce trailhead and business technology

Master all Salesforce techniques & applications from industry experts.

  • Java (Only basic syntaxes)

  • HTML (Basic tags)

  • SQL (Basic form of queries)

About Course
  • Practical working with business tools & trending salesforce approaches

  • Apply salesforce practices in real time.

  • Learn terminologies & communication basics with updated examples.

  • Get special subject insights each day.

  • Regular doubt sessions and performance based assessments.

What will you Learn ?
  • Work on Salesforce techniques and plan useful strategies.

  • Learn basic fundamentals & become proficient in its functionality.

  • Identify best practices & manage business communications / relations.

  • View the syllabus section for more.

Certification Benefit

Get Salesforce certification from industry experts.

75 % boost in new jobs .

Improve your career graph with the Star certificate.

Get increase in pay at work & 12% hike in Job promotions.

Star Certification helps you build a global identity


  • Introduction of CRM and Force.com platform
  • -CRM actively tracks and manages customer information. Force.com simplifies development and deployment of cloud applications.
  • Creating Developer account & App
  • -Salesforce account and creation of applications through force.com Explore multiple features and techniques
  • Objects (Standard & Custom)
  • -Database tables used to store data specific to an organisation Standard objects include information about users, reports etc
  • Relationships in Salesforce
  • -A two-way association between objects. Creation of a relationship link is to view records and related data.
  • Formulas Fields
  • -A read-only field that derives value from the formula or expression defined. Formula field is updated when the source field changes.
  • Import Wizard
  • -Import data from standard salesforce objects like contacts, accounts etc. Import data from custom objects also possible. Up to 50,000 records can be imported at a time.
  • Data Loader
  • -A client application used to import or export data in bulk. Used to insert, update, delete or export records.
  • Security & Sharing
  • -Control of data access at many levels. Security and selective tools give selective access to users.
  • Workflows
  • -A basic logic engine that automates certain actions when required.
  • Exercise 1: Creating a hotel reservation system using Custom objects.
  • Exercise 2: Relating Objects according to the general reservation system
  • Exercise 3: Insert Records using Import Wizard
  • Exercise 4: Update Records using Data Loader
  • Apex Basics
  • -Apex is used to add business logic and manipulate data according to requirement.
  • Collections (List, Set & Map)
  • -Collections can store multiple items or records and can allow duplicates.
  • Visualforce pages
  • -These webpages are created using unique tag-based markup language similar to HTML. Includes powerful features to access, display and update data.
  • Apex Classes
  • -Apex classes are models or plans through which objects are generated.
  • Triggers in salesforce
  • -A trigger is an apex script, performs custom actions before or after events to be recorded. Executes before or after data manipulation language
  • Exercise 5: Creating star pattern using Apex language
  • Exercise 6: Create a set which doesn’t accepting duplicate values
  • Exercise 7: Create a VF page for Customers of Passport department
  • Exercise 8: Create a VF page to show render and re-render operations
  • Exercise 9: If Account rating is 'Hot', then make 'Type' as mandatory
  • Exercise 10: If an account is created then it should create a contact under account with Account Name.
  • Introduction to Lightning,
  • -A component-based framework for app development.
  • Domain management
  • -Helps to configure, manage, rename, update domains and custom URLs.
  • Interfaces in Lightning
  • -Develop apps with responsive building blocks called interfaces
  • Lightning Component Bundle
  • -Creation of components for navigation of elements in lightning experience. The bundle contains resources related to all components.
  • Attributes and Expressions
  • - Attributes are several data types present in the component and Expressions allow accessing attributes.
  • Calling Apex methods from Lightning Components
  • -Lightning web components can import methods from apex classes to javascript classes.
  • Force Components
  • -Perform access, modification and creation of record using Lightning data service.
  • Lightning Data Service
  • -This is used to load, create, edit or delete a record in the component without using apex code.
  • Application and Component Events
  • -Learn the differentiation between 2 events that are used to handle components using different methods.
  • Exercise 11: Create a lightning component to display a message in Home page.
  • Exercise 12: Create a lightning component to show how to call apex from the client side.
  • Exercise 13: Create a lightning component to get the list of contacts associated with an account.
  • Exercise 14: Create a chat box using Event in lightning
  • Exercise 15: Create a lightning component for creation of a new Opportunity considering the required fields
  • Leave Management System.(Salesforce Admin )
  • Mid-Course Assignment - Hospital Management System.(Salesforce Admin )
  • SFDC Mid-Course Sub Assignment - Student Management System.(Salesforce Admin )
  • Develop Filtered Contacts App.(Salesforce Lightning )
  • Develop a chat bot using Lightning components.(Salesforce Lightning )

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  • Pagination Using Apex
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  • 100% flexible course structure
  • 60 % Upgraded their Job Profile
  • Learn from Top rated Instructors
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High Spot

  • Formatted subject insights.
  • Affordable Fees
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  • Learn multiple Tools & perform guided activities
  • Trackable work progress.
  • Profitable use of course strategies in real time.
  • Performance Charger for your Career.

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